Wednesday, February 3, 2010

knew I was all alone then I saw this girl with the most beautiful hair she had it wrapped around her for clothes she did not wear

and i don't know if it's such a good idea
cause your way down there and i'm way up here ya...
"you have really long arms
so why don't you use them to hold me tight?"

Lyrics: Charlyne Yi & matt davIS

I just got a formspring!   This is so sick because you can literally ask me anything and i have to come up with a really good answer..

I know i don't reveal too much about myself.. so here is a chance to ask me some things on your minds!! knock yourselves out kids


i know i have posted the second image before but it's one of those hauntingly amazing things that i will never get out of my head.. So lovely


  1. my question, how old are you? what is your favourite song? what did you eat today? what do you think about painting?