Thursday, December 31, 2009

And a happy new year to all that is living To all that is gentle, kind, and forgiving Raise your glass and we'll have a cheer My dear acquaintance, a happy new year

Please don't say we're done

When I'm not finished

I could give you so much

Make you feel, like never before

Welcome, they said welcome to the floor
Photos: weheartit/flickr
Lyrics: The XX
Title Lyrics: Regina Spektor

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gideon. What Have You Told Us At All? Make A Sound, Come Down Off The Wall. Religion - Should Appeal To The Hearts Of The Young. Who Are You? What Have You Become?

Photos: WEheartit
Words: anonymous 

I was not sure why you decided to call
For the last time I talked to you, I told you not to call.
But, I didn’t know why you had called
Or maybe it was my insane imagination that the phone rang.
For it is quite impossible for you to call…

Of course I thought, all by my lonesome he wouldn’t’ have called just to hear my voice

But then he did always ask why he often saw us together in his daydreams, I eighty-two and he eighty-five both in our rocking chairs
Not needing to talk for this silence surrounding us, is no silence it’s just us listening to our lover breathing

He always wondered to himself why he saw me, beautiful…
And why he had never cared until it was to late.

He never got that he’s in love for no one has loved him,
But me.
And even I never told him,
Just pretended he was another petulant victim.
Just another boy torn up by my beauty.
Though a doctor might have been diagnosed me in love…

But I see no more love, in this dark hole surrounding what he thought was lust.
For, I believe in something more crucial than love
This feeling doesn’t have a word

If he thought he was feeling love
He was all but wrong
He was feeling much more than love
It is a feeling without a word for no soul could find it

It’s a feeling that you feel. It’s the way you still love me,
Even if I take my shirt off for other men when we’re are not together

For when the men surround me and I brake their hearts
Each and every time I pretend they are you.
For, I want you to feel the pain I felt
When you died.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Telephone poles keep the time A rhythmic metronome of kinds It's the same beat as this song And might just last a lifetime long Where hours can come and go

You shot me up, yeah

You filled my cup, oh
You sailed my boat

You were my last hope
You took my very last hope away

Oh you, you will be loved by someone good
And you, you will be loved by somebody good
You have been loved

You dropped the bomb
And now you're gone

                                                I held you dear
                                            You swallowed my fears

Photo's: weheartit, drifter+gypsy, skinny, cool blog)
Lyrics: Sia

Today was a bad day. Everything had some sort of imperfection. I saw a movie, where thought I was going to laugh and ended up crying. It was one of those movies that made you think about dying and that scares me more than anything. Shit. I was with people I loved and that love me, but somehow I felt I could only hate them. Overall, awful day. 
haha sorry kids about that bright yellow it's what is making me feel better and happy... haha o god it is bright
Alostvintagehippie (tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better)

Monday, December 14, 2009


You never get to choose
You live on what they send you
You know the kind of use
Things you love will get you
One foot in the grave
One foot in the shower
There’s never time to save
You’re paying by the hour

And that’s just the way it goes
Falling awake
And that’s just the way it goes

Words: Gary Jules
Photos: Skinny

Also sorry for the shorterish posts lately! on friday ima on vacation.. sooooo get ready...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"I could've sworn that night when i told you i love you, you said we were forever. But, now I am alone. You lied to me. The next time you say forever I'll punch you in the face."

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without ever ending; eternally: to last forever.
continually; incessantly; always: He's forever complaining.

an endless or seemingly endless period of time:   


"Not talkin' 'bout a year
No not three or four
I don't want that kind of forever
In my life anymore
Forever always seems
to be around when it begins
but forever never seems
to be around when it ends
So give me your forever
Please your forever
Not a day less will do From you" -Ben Harper



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let us be in inspired. Let us not be able to fall asleep. Let us have the ghosts take us away to a place where we can dance.

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Think of all the ways
Momentary phase
Just like yesterday
I told you I would stay

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I wonder who Stevie Wonder wonders about in the night? I wonder if Mr. Wonder wonders about a love?

A brush through her hair, children kissing upstairs
Keeps her up with her want for her savior

The sun on the sand, on her knees and her hands
As she begs for her fish from the water

But turn them away, she's a whip and a slave

Given time she may find something better
Oh how the rain sounds as loud as a lover's words
And now and again she's afraid when the sun returns