Saturday, March 19, 2011

I can't believe that you are for real. I don't care as long as you're mine.

   This is a new religion to me 
 I'm a VCR funeral, a dead memory waste 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Down the burning ropes. Past the places where the steal beams meet concrete skies. You make your bed under the moonlight. I think it's time we said goodbye.

You walked to the place where you felt the safest and did the things you felt were necessary. However you think that I left you, but I never did. I've been here all along, you just were too caught up in your habits to realize I was trying to protect you. Blame me, hate me, ignore me, I get it. But don't pretend that you don't need me. We need each other just the same.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

You gave up, and that's the part that I hate the most. You quit me, and I hate quitters.

Look at yourself. What are you? Why are you treating me like this?  Look at yourself. Why can't I be friends with them, and why do you blame me for your troubles? Look at yourself, you're dirty and this mess you have created has ruined a lot of who I am, who I thought I was. Why did you do this to me? I don't understand why you want to hurt me. I've been trying to help, but I believe I have drowned in my own troubles nevermind yours. I was finally pulling myself together. I was done regretting my mistakes, I was done mourning, I was ready to be a new kind of human. Look at yourself. Do you feel beautiful inside? Or do you feel like the person who is hurting the people you love the most or maybe you've stopped loving them?