Thursday, December 27, 2012

Everybody is so afraid of themselves.

What if everything came with a receipt? What if you could bring something home or try something out, but if you didn't like it you could always bring it back? See thats our problem, we don't take risks because once you take a chance you can't always go back. Why does that scare people so much? Life is about moving on and creating new opportunities. You get fucked over so that in the future you learn who to trust and who not to trust. Being afraid of something, that's just pure weakness. Weakness is a life wasted. So what if you could return things? Would you do it then? What if you could make a decision and then undo it, wouldn't everyone be taking risks? Yes they would… but a risk is leaving comfort behind. It makes no sense to abandon the comfort, if you're only going to return to it. You have to learn to be your own comfort. You have to learn to be the sheets to hide under. When you're sitting all alone in a restaurant you have to be okay with not having someone joining you. Humans are so willing to rely on others. Some people cannot function without somebody constantly by their side. What do they fear? It's as if we surround ourselves with as many tasks, people, and distractions possible so that we never have to be alone, bored by our own thoughts. We tire ourselves out during the day, so that we never have to lie awake alone. Just with you and yourself. That's what petrifies people. Everybody is so afraid of themselves.