Thursday, December 27, 2012

Everybody is so afraid of themselves.

What if everything came with a receipt? What if you could bring something home or try something out, but if you didn't like it you could always bring it back? See thats our problem, we don't take risks because once you take a chance you can't always go back. Why does that scare people so much? Life is about moving on and creating new opportunities. You get fucked over so that in the future you learn who to trust and who not to trust. Being afraid of something, that's just pure weakness. Weakness is a life wasted. So what if you could return things? Would you do it then? What if you could make a decision and then undo it, wouldn't everyone be taking risks? Yes they would… but a risk is leaving comfort behind. It makes no sense to abandon the comfort, if you're only going to return to it. You have to learn to be your own comfort. You have to learn to be the sheets to hide under. When you're sitting all alone in a restaurant you have to be okay with not having someone joining you. Humans are so willing to rely on others. Some people cannot function without somebody constantly by their side. What do they fear? It's as if we surround ourselves with as many tasks, people, and distractions possible so that we never have to be alone, bored by our own thoughts. We tire ourselves out during the day, so that we never have to lie awake alone. Just with you and yourself. That's what petrifies people. Everybody is so afraid of themselves. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Help I'm alive.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fast Car

I realized that when people talk about being together with someone for a long time, they have no idea how long that person is going to be with them. What if they fall out of love, runaway from you, or cheat on you? If you're in love with a spectacular person, you must understand that trust is the number one priority in a relationship, it comes even before love. If you trust someone you won't be constantly worrying about what they are doing, that feeling of a gap or rather the long distance. It's the feeling of  love not lasting forever, like it will slowly start to fade like your mother's jean jack from the sixties. The healthiest types of relationships are ones where you lead your own life, and then lean on him or her when you need them the most. However, it's not in a sense of dependence, but rather convenience and desire. Although, you can't be afraid to lean on them just because they will see your venerable. They already know you, sometimes better than you know yourself. Let them help you. Just trust the one person that makes you soar, and when they come to the realization that they have your complete trust. They can't ever break you, because they know you won't break them. Don't be afraid to trust if you know it's the right person to love. Love is dangerous, and as Spongebob stated, "Love is handing someone a loaded gun, and letting them point it at your head, believing they won't pull the trigger." However, when I gave him the gun he merely placed it down because he realized he couldn't hold my hand and gun, simultaneously. So as I conclude, I urge you to just give them the gun.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just ask and you'll receive, beyond your wildest dreams.

There is no escape from the slave catcher's songs
For all of the loved ones gone
Forever's not so long