Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fast Car

I realized that when people talk about being together with someone for a long time, they have no idea how long that person is going to be with them. What if they fall out of love, runaway from you, or cheat on you? If you're in love with a spectacular person, you must understand that trust is the number one priority in a relationship, it comes even before love. If you trust someone you won't be constantly worrying about what they are doing, that feeling of a gap or rather the long distance. It's the feeling of  love not lasting forever, like it will slowly start to fade like your mother's jean jack from the sixties. The healthiest types of relationships are ones where you lead your own life, and then lean on him or her when you need them the most. However, it's not in a sense of dependence, but rather convenience and desire. Although, you can't be afraid to lean on them just because they will see your venerable. They already know you, sometimes better than you know yourself. Let them help you. Just trust the one person that makes you soar, and when they come to the realization that they have your complete trust. They can't ever break you, because they know you won't break them. Don't be afraid to trust if you know it's the right person to love. Love is dangerous, and as Spongebob stated, "Love is handing someone a loaded gun, and letting them point it at your head, believing they won't pull the trigger." However, when I gave him the gun he merely placed it down because he realized he couldn't hold my hand and gun, simultaneously. So as I conclude, I urge you to just give them the gun.

Monday, September 12, 2011

It's so hard when the world can be so ugly so much of the time.

Depression is something that will really hit you hard. It sneaks up on you, pretends to be someone else: someone curious, someone different, it lures you into it's deep, dark abyss, and then suddenly it bites you. The bite is poisonous and this numbness pervades throughout your whole entire body. It enters every crevice and stays, until you decide it's time to kill the pesticide. This pesticide is almost impossible to terminate. Dealing with this thing, depression, it's nearly impossible. It's mostly because you hate yourself. Most people don't know when you're battling depression because the people that are, do the best of hiding their emotions. Only the people that are lucky enough to be there at that very moment of them cracking are able to see what it's really like. It's kind of like having a continuous hatred for yourself, and then when others start to hate you, you begin to hate yourself unbelievable amounts more. This cycle of hatred starts to build up over time and it only takes just one person to crack you, and they sometimes have no idea that they are doing it. But they still do it and you still begin to crumble. Nothing seems to matter, so why keep putting yourself through it? Through life? It takes a really fucking strong person to see why.