Friday, October 2, 2009

Sweet Pee, you were the one I tried to draw

Give me your hand 
And take what you will tonight, I'll give it as fast 
And high as the flame will rise 
Cinder and smoke

Some whispers around the trees 
The juniper bends 
As if you were listening 
Give me your hand

Your mother is drunk as all the firemen shake
A photo from father's arms 
Cinder and smoke

You'll ask me to pray for rain 
With ash in your mouth 
You'll ask it to burn again


song: Cinder and Smoke
Artist:Iron & Wine
Photos: all from the spooky and beautiful blog of


  1. These are disgustingly beautiful and nostalgic and summery. *Sigh*

    I would love to see what kind of photos you post to a song from The Microphones (Oh Anna or I Felt Your Shape) or from Bright Eyes (Lua)