Friday, July 17, 2009

Firetruck (hmmm for shamey?)

I woke up and my eyes still burned from the night before and they were swollen to the point of being partially shut. I looked like I had black eyes without the black and blue colouring which implies “bad ass” (well that or ‘victim of domestic adbuse). Just swollen puffy orbs hugging my eyeballs. I tried to slick on mascara to look less herendous, but it simply magnified my swollen eyelids. I want everything to be okay, not for myself but for my best friend who I love so much and am helpless to help. I can’t make everthing okay. I can’t.
I don’t know what you do when you care about someone who shuts you out. I don’t know how to feel like a good friend when there is nothing I can do to make anything (not everything) better.
She nicknamed me Firetruck because I can’t stop myself from crying sometimes. At the drop of a hat I lose my compusure and let out ugly swollen sobs, mixed with laughter at my own inability to keep the water in.
I tell her I love her.-from a random blog that i just cant remember

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