Friday, June 11, 2010

Watch them build up a material tower Think it's not gonna stay anyway Think it's overrated For a minute, thought I couldn't tell how to fall out

You just tell me what you want... And  I'll be that for you
I honestly never understood love, until I met you. I didn't understand why you would want to be loved, until you loved me. I thought that I physically was unable fall in love. But then I fell deeply in love with you. I am scared. Do me a favor? Don't break me unto a million pieces, because if you do I won't be able to function. I... I just don't work without you. I don't breathe unless I know you want me, need me. My inner organs depend on your cardiovascular system to work. I hate to admit that I need you. But I do, I need you more than I need myself to be okay. Just wanted you to know - I love you.  ( ask me )


  1. yeah
    this blog sucks

  2. Who was the poetic soul who wrote this amazing piece of work above?
    It is absolutely fabulous, like this blog. This is one of my favorite blogs for it's wonderful photos, inspiring words, and creative format. Whomever decided that this blog sucks has no taste and should not say such a rude, untrue thing. Hippie, you are such a kind person to not respond to that nasty comment rudely, like the original comment was, and I appreciate that greatly.

    Fantastic blog, keep up the awesome work!